Photographic Recap of Dec- to beginning of Jan

Went through my wife’s computer the other day, she had put a lot of pics in her computer that were not on mine yet. Probably many people already saw these on her FB, but for my own gratification I will post them here. We have been keeping busy while I hoop-jumped and job-hunted. Mostly dog walking but a few visits with friends and family, too.


At Java Mama with Matt A/B.


1st Haircut with Auntie Margo!


Punk’d out Ariel


River Valley walk with Mark Huculak


Francois the drag queen poodle in cop gear. DISCIPLINE iz zee word? Oui?


Francois and Colby.


Ariel tries on one of Francois’ hats.


Keely’s 21st birthday.


Hangin’ out at the community center.


Mark and his clan cookin up some bannock at the community center.

IMG_0262 IMG_0309 IMG_0098 IMG_0279 IMG_0390


Sledding with Ariel.

Went for a walk out behind the house with my dogs and daughter. We used the boogie-board again. That thing has earned its cost back 1000% now, if you have a baby and live in a winter environment get a sled or a boogie-board if you don’t have a sled handy, and (if they can sit up/support their own head weight) it is gold. So much easier than carrying a 10.5 kg baby for 45 minutes!

Anyways we found a hill. We used the hill well. The dogs are now very tired and so was Ariel afterwards. Good times for the winter environment. It was actually quite warm today, it got up to +8 degrees and was a wonderful clear day. Alberta can be awesome when things go right.

Video here:

Star Wars: Identities Exhibition

Today we went to the Edmonton Space and Science Center to explore around and see the big exhibition there titled “Star Wars: Identities.”

It was a good time; but clocked in as overpriced by my standards. It worked out to be 26.50 each adult for entry. Yipes. I was thinking it would be about 15$ in my dreamworld view, tainted by cheap access to educational museums in Taiwan. Kids over 3 would clock in at a fair price too, (my memory is fuzzy but I remember their ‘discounted’ price was over 10$ Canadian.  This exhibition might be something only for true Star Wars fans. I like my star wars movies- but I have only seen each of them about 3 times, so I am familiar with the story and mythology (I admit to reading some of the Star Wars fan fiction books as well, more because I like R.A. Salvatore’s writing.)

I admit I have been spoiled by living in a nation where health care and education are free and museums get full funding; most event entry prices were at about 2$ Canadian… in Taiwan. Out here I wouldn’t have objected to a 5$ entry fee for an adult. 18$ was a kind of unpleasant surprise. That is a 900% higher price for museums in Canada! HOLY SHIT PEOPLE! GET SOME PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES!! The quality of the museum was about the same as what I paid 2$ for back in Taiwan. It was not 900% better. I greased up my buttocks and entered having driven 40 minutes to view dusty artifacts from a movie created the year I was born.

We brought a fairly patient and laid back 13 month child in (thank god she was free entry.) ; she got a bit bored midway through and went to sleep in her stroller. Be warned that small strollers are permitted- but large strollers are NOT permitted. Ours met the strict requirement. The exhibition area gets tight in some sections that are popular; hence the stroller size limits are sensible.

The Star Wars universe is an interesting and exciting one, if a bit simplistic at times. The binary vision that it views the world in, and the frequent childlike answers of violence used to counter violence cloaked with the bafflegab of Jedi spirituality is at times a bit treacle-ly. The exhibit does provide some interesting views of how the ideas and visions of George Lucas came to life. I suppose there was a defensive view of why Jar Jar Binks was tossed into episode 1 for ‘comic relief’ also presented in the exhibit. My personal favorite part was the model of the Imperial Battlecruiser.

I sound a bit harsh; the psychological theme through the whole exhibit was quite well done; in the theme of motivational leadership seminars it explores your motivational and character development and lets you create your own character with a role in the Star Wars universe. It is quite fun, and you can learn a few things about yourself and think a bit about what made you the way you grew up to be and how the universe and events in your life and your own choices shape you. This part was something enjoyable and made the rather disjointed nature of what was basically left over parts of a historic movie and a childish fantasy universe into something deeper and semi-educational, and more entertaining than just looking at hollywood toss-offs. Would I pay 26.50 for it again: myself- I would not. For a person who deeply loved the Star Wars universe and is a subscriber to the Jedi religion: perhaps that is worth it.

(In my mind the deeper problem with price lies with local government funding cuts to museums and educational facilities- the 18$ price for the general admission to the Space Science Center’s somewhat dated feeling exhibits is where the true pain lies… I appreciate the fact it exists but I suspect that the prices will deter a large portion of parents who work average and below average paying jobs.) This is an exhibit that the top 1/3 of society can enjoy without any pain. The rest of us… get to sacrifice. Or perhaps it is only docile cow-like Canadians choosing to not object to high prices as a society? (Perhaps that is why USA has 50% to 100% cheaper prices on many foods, clothes and big ticket items that are also sold in Canada? Or is it us living in a fantasy that high prices equal best quality so by that token Canadians should pay 900% more than they need to for basic services?)

Anyways if you take out the price factor, the show was good.

Heres some pics to keep all of you happy.

The Edmonton Space Science Center, outside.

The Edmonton Space Science Center, outside.

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Welcome to my Blog.

The goal of this blog is to record my impressions of returning to Canada from being overseas for over a decade, hopefully more positive than negative.

Its good to be back in effect on WordPress. I am going to attempt to be better about blogging at this location.  This basically will be a personal journal/photo posting/ vid linking location this year in relation to living and working now that I have returned to Canada.

Big changes in my life since my last updates on this location. Back 1 year ago I became a dad while living and working in TW. Now I have crossed the ocean back to Canada and brought my family back with me. Currently we are working on rebooting my life and getting my feet back into Canadian society. Not the easiest of tasks, by any account.

I used to use WordPress before I got lazy while working as a textbook editor in Taiwan. I am switching back to here as it is a cleaner interface for me and it is easiest to control the content for me of what I want to see. Future pics from Canada and where ever fate sees fit to guide me will be posted here.

The pics below were taken today while trying out a new use for my boogieboard. It works surprisingly well for pulling my daughter around outside on the snow and ice. She seemed very happy about the whole thing. I am glad I can still use my boogieboard.

003 006007008

We walked around in a woody area behind the Regency Estates area. There is a small playground there and a big field that has some paths that may be plowed every once in a while. Not a bad deal for being nearby my parents home! Worth a look if you live in the area, probably not worth a look if you are a traveler looking for interesting things to do. I will post some of those on this site later as I begin exploring around the Edmonton/ Alberta/ Western Canadian area.