General job description: my day.

Here is a quick description of what exactly I do at my job. I currently work at my first retail job at a place called ‘Education Station’ in Sherwood Park. I opened up the store today, (not as owner/op unfortunately–as the first worker on scene in the morning). Basically that means setting up the place and making sure it is ready to go, opening doors, turning on signs, putting out signs, etc. Then I did some cleaning. Then I did some placing inventory. After that, I moved around some displays and created a new rack and put some shiny educational mini-workbook thingies on it. Probably robots can’t do THAT stuff. Yet.

The owner arrived and worked with me for the morning and afternoon, I got trained in some customer service skills and started doing some training for locating particular items and gaining knowledge about the items. I continued training on the Quick-books POS program and did some transfers and some special orders for customers who couldn’t find what they were looking for. Overall, it was a pretty OK day, kept busy but not at a killing pace, so I was pretty happy about that. Its an OK job, I like it (but the pay isn’t enough to move into an apartment with my wife and daughter- but it covers food and health insurance costs while I live in the parents basement… (It MIGHT pay for a room in a shared accommodation in a bad part of town, but I really don’t want to live with people I don’t know or near a bunch of crackheads) -In Alberta you best pay for complete health insurance yourself- Alberta health only covers life threatening emergencies, not ongoing chronic med costs. Thanks Ayn Rand and Ralph Klein. You both balanced the books so well… for the oil industry, if not society, your children’s futures or for the mental and physical health of your citizens. But oil guys pay better after you get out of the political facade of ‘listening’ to people, I guess.

Got home, and went for a short walk out behind my parents house with my wife, kid and dogs. (The best thing about part time irregular, I guess!) We did a few quick sled rides down a nearby hill and scooted back home after. My wife, as usual, surpassed herself and created an awesome dinner for us. Sat around after, watched my daughter play and drank some coffee and listened to some music. (the only good thing about paying for digital cable is the music channels without ads, and that don’t freeze like Youtube.) Not too bad a day; but then again I wouldn’t choose to live my life in a way I couldn’t manage to enjoy in some way, sometimes.