DRM requirements killing franchises… surprise?

Looks like Simcity’s latest offering is crashing and burning, thanks to DRM requirements.


Looks like I will not be buying that one either… 

Admittedly I probably wasn’t going to, anyways. I like the old stuff from Maxis more, anyways.

I was excited about Diablo 3… but after hearing about the total lag-gasm that it was after huge, complex DRM procedures, I remembered why I hate MMORPG’s… the 12 year old kids ‘trash-talking’… the item hogging… the LAG. I decided to save my cash. (It probably also saved my marriage. LOL.)

Great games don’t need DRM and lawyers… they just need to be great and to be something that people are willing to drop money on for a long time of entertainment. I probably have paid for Starcraft and D2  2 times each respectively, because I used to respect the people at Blizzard until they treated me like I was a criminal before I even tried or paid for their new games. See you Blizzard, it was nice playing your old stuff.