Finland is awesome. Perhaps not super-rich, but probably healthier, and more equitable than certain other places.

They, unlike those others, believe in EFFECTIVE use of their resources, rather than a) treating educated people like a waste of time (USA and CA currently…) b) Intelligent and effective use of teacher/student ratios. c) Not blowing all their government money on unneeded military investments that often are useless. Sure, SOME of the big killer supertoasters can be re-tuned for some civilian uses that people might like. (google maps, microwaves, lasers…)  But rather than trying to create the death star and light sabers all at once it might be better and more effective  to teach people to communicate with each other rather than cut/burn/rip/explode/fry each other more efficiently.

Evidence of why and how:

I fully admit I am not in the top 10% of graduates from any program I have ever been in… and possibly this might be better for the world if better people with more superhuman patience and clean thoughts and purer virtue than I were signed on as teachers. But hey, I suppose I could find something else if I had to, retail isn’t that bad, apart from the pay and boredom stretches. At least if I follow the route I am currently on, I will be more effective at teaching than in the past- and  as things stand I think I am better off teaching my kid than letting the current crop of morons near my kid where-ever I was on the planet (outside of Finland, I suppose.)

Tests… are a waste of time and prove only that people who are good at passing tests are good… at taking tests, but often lack the ability to deal with REALITY and real situations. Evidence: the super-geniuses who had TOP SCORES at work in the top banks in America today… crashing and burning your economies. The superior test skills of those paragons of military virtue from officer training school from West Point Academy… getting their asses handed to them by a bunch of stone-eating farmers who lived, breathed and ate the bitter fruits of warfare from birth in Afghanistan. Those high IQ astoundingly just decisions handed down by highly trained court justices and lawyers straight out of those expensive Ivy League schools in America and top rated schools in Canada regarding unlimited liability for insurance claims that have made our medical and automobile insurance systems unsustainable, just so a couple scum can get rich quick easily… And another shockingly wonderful example of our educational systemic failure is the very existence of the ignorant, illiterate leaders who openly sell themselves to the highest bidders without shame because they no longer value anything that once made N. American society great: the “Conservative” movement in the pockets of big oil, selling your future environment and cancer-free statuses for quick cash now.

/rant done.