I figure I should let people know that I am officially heading back to TW on April 12th.

I actually have been planning this since the end of March. I will be leaving for Taiwan on April 12th 2013, this Friday. I have been avoiding stating anything to people as it leads to awkward questions and comments, and I don’t care to be the focus of a misguided pity party / awkward goodbye dinner from misguided people who wouldn’t understand why I would go back. The reasons are many, and I won’t state anything beyond the simple life guidance that I am trying to adhere to:

“If you have nothing positive to say, it is better to say nothing at all.”

The reasons I am leaving are myriad, most of them are probably self-inflicted, IE my own damn problems. There are other external problems at work as well, but rest assured there is nothing any individual person I know personally did to drive me off or anything, so don’t feel bad about anything you did. It wasn’t any of you: it was basically environmental, economic realities, social issues and isolation / a feeling that I shouldn’t be living in my parents basement at my age that did me in. Long winters and unappealing jobs with low pay and long hours, costs and general social isolation and boredom was what did it for me.

Thank you for attempting to care, those of you who did. I will solve my problems myself or die trying. I don’t want help or pity: Canada has too many well meaning people if anything- it robs me of my self-motivation and self respect when well meaning other people do shit for me that I want to do for myself. I will face my problems and demons by myself, overseas in a place where I can stand on my own feet without someone else whose job is to kick my feet from underneath me getting in my way. One thing I can say about Taiwan- there is opportunity there for someone with my background. It may not be wonderful pay or anything but at least I can live a comfortable life off it without going into debt, and my help is welcome there without judgement unlike employers here.

Thank you for hosting me, Alberta. It was an educational experience I won’t repeat, and that is a lesson well heeded. You can continue to follow our adventures on this site, I won’t change it. You can reach me with any personal comments / hate mail to amuse me at matt.j.clark886@gmail.com, or comment on the site itself if you care to.

If you are curious, we have a place to stay and I have already received some interest from a couple schools back in TW, but no offers yet. Th city of choice this time is Taichung, which is a bigger market for ESL, and my wife’s home town.