Re-arrival. Cleaning. Re-set progress.

1. Arrival.

2. Cleaning up.

3. Price comparing CA and TW.

We arrived in Taiwan a few days ago. I have not had internet until this time. I am currently busy cleaning out the place we are renting from a friend. Her mother passed away and left an empty but dirty and slightly junk filled house to her. We are helping her by cleaning it out for our temporary use. It is ironic a bit that I am back at this location in Taichung, I lived in a unit across from this one back in 2002-2005 while I was working at YuJen Catholic, so I know the neighborhood well.

Verena’s friends’ mother apparently liked clothes and never threw them out or donated them. I currently have 14 bags of clothes occupying one of the bedrooms, along with a lot of odds and ends we will get her friend to look at to see if they want to keep anything. We had to move all of the clothes and stuff around a bit and toss out mounds of accumulated clutter so we could make this place child proof and usable. I also found a sizable stash of alcohol, but all of it is stuff I don’t like and am unlikely to drink. I am saving that for V’s friend to see if she wants it.

Dust is everywhere at the moment and this place wouldn’t be bad if the kitchen wasn’t so cramped and obviously an illegal add-on or afterthought as part of the design. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for 6k NT (about 200$ CAD a month) Try getting that deal in Canada.

Cell phone service rings in at 6$ CAD a month with full caller ID and services. If we go beyond 100 minutes of talking that month we pay as we go at a reasonable rate. Compare that to Fido which was a ‘good’ deal in Canada, it cost me 50$ CAD and didn’t include any caller ID unless I wanted to add on another 12$. To transfer some cash to TW from Canada rang in at a 100$ CAD fee to transfer cash to my wife’s account to pay off our plane tickets. The bank on this side of the pond charges 500$ NT or about 23$ CAD, so the Canadian side appears to overcharge by about 75$ ish. So when I talk about Canada being kind of unreasonable economically, that is why.

I went into the hospital, paid off my backlog of unpaid monthly medical fees and then went to the hospital. The medical taxes I didn’t pay for about 4 months came out to about 500$ CAD. Then I went to the hospital and got myself a full service medical exam including a new test kit, eye exam and doctor consultation, new meds and needles for about 4$ CAD. So I get what I pay for here. (In truth I get more than I pay for!)

I rode the bus for free to the hospital and to get my groceries. Its tedious, but safe and there are electronic signs that tell you when the bus will arrive at some of the major stops.

I am currently in the process of hoop jumping to get myself a scooter, get Ariel a new cart, and renewing my APRC. After that is done I get to renew my drivers license and hunt for a job.