Update on the situation…

Things are looking up.

Today we went in to apply to renew the ARC. It should be very easy, just 2 weeks wait after paying the money.

I ordered a new scooter to paid in partitions over 2 years. Hopefully that will be enough time for me to find a job to pay it off, and likely add another one for V to the mix (after getting a paying position- for now we can get by sharing mine… or the other loaner).

After doing those 2 things, our friend Sabrina came through with another scooter we can borrow for a while at least until my new one arrives. My feeling on that is its ETA will be 3 to 7 days down the line.

And I got a response from a well known local private school regarding an interview for a position with them 1 day after I applied, so I think I have a good chance of landing something for Sept at least. I just need to get something sooner to pay costs, I don’t think it will be too hard if I am willing to take what’s available currently… and I am. The best thing about coming back this time of year is that the plum positions are starting to become available and advertised, so its a good time to come back.

We rode our borrowed ride to Wenshin Forest Park in downtown Taichung to clear up some business related to the internet line we paid for yesterday. It is a fairly awesome service- it is a hotspot wireless internet generation device that we can use anywhere in the Taiwan area that has cell coverage with Changhua telecom. I can plug it into my notebook and get on the net in the middle of nowhere (if it has 3G coverage with Changhua telecom) and Skype with everyone now. It is awesome and quite a good deal, we pay about 680$ NT (~23$ CAD) a month for the first year, and after that it goes up to 850$ NT a month (~27 to 28$ CAD)  for go anywhere net use.

Ariel had a good time wandering about and got to wear her spiffy new Angry Birds Helmet. Pics below!

I love TW. I can be independent here and get things done quickly and efficiently, and affordably.

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