This guy is more awake then the rest of us.

His argument: The Post-work society is not the future. It is NOW and we are in denial. A large percentage of people claim disability benefits due to there being nothing else and the senseless denial of a basic living and medical access to people who are ‘not working.’

The problem with this is that due to automation and globalization: there is no work to be done; there is no need to do anything. There aren’t any jobs for the legions of unemployed.

The only other thing going on for the unemployed is the prison system. That isn’t in danger of being underfunded any time soon, and it takes care of legions of otherwise unemployable people at the cost of their dignity and self-determination. I would argue that by locking people up and denying them access to leisure you are irreparably harming the economy. Ie. You could tax all the pot dealers and buyers that you removed from the economy who were looking to relax.

Perhaps that’s why to re-energize myself I tossed away everything I gained to give myself motivation to try and work again. Possibly not my smartest move but it works for me.

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