A belated R.I.P. to my parents dog, Riley.

I want to use this post to eulogize my parent’s dog, a miniature schnauzer named Riley. He died from a pancreatic infection about 2 weeks ago, not long after we left Canada. He was having health problems before we left, but we didn’t know the source until after I had arrived in Taiwan. Diabetes reaches out its deadly cold hands and takes another piece of my soul, in a way.

Riley was an amazing companion, who was always eager and ready to join us on walks anywhere we took him. He loved to chase the other dogs, but wasn’t really too into chasing balls or toys. He was an energy conservationist, or perhaps a reincarnated economist. He was a grey cloud of joy every day. I can remember when my parents first got him shortly before I left Canada for Taiwan. I can’t say I knew him well, he seemed to want to play with my daughter but didn’t really know how to play with babies. I can relate to that. I managed to figure a few tricks that seemed to work, unfortunately Riley didn’t get enough time to get to play with my daughter much.

You will be missed Riley. Now I shall drink a beer in your memory, you were a good boy and I loved you while I knew you. And I think that’s all anyone could ask for.