Update: May 12, 2013

Playing in the puddles at the art museum.

Playing in the puddles at the art museum.

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Had a nice day around Taichung with the family today. We spent Mother’s Day at the Art Museum area. It was raining on and off, but it actually was one of the best days I have had in a long time. We began with a visit to the indoor playground area and then exited for a lunch at the nearby 7-11. After that, we walked around the outdoor grounds while there was a long break in the rainfall, but it restarted so we wandered into the Library area and discovered an awesome newly renovated library area with a LOT of English children’s books. I would estimate about 30 to 40% of the total number of books in the kids area were in English! I was very surprised to see the amount of English books available in Taichung. (It was like night and day compared to Tainan or Edmonton’s scant supply of Mandarin materials.) There was even a reasonably good selection of older children’s books for up to junior high level, and a large number of Mandarin comic books. I hope to explore it a bit later and see if there are any good English children’s comic books. (While X-Men is good and everything, there might be too many adult themes for Ariel to understand in it until she is over 12.)

We spent the afternoon in the library, got library cards (50$NT each person) and then explored the art museum displays a bit with Ariel napping in our shiny, light folding stroller. There is some more talented artists here than I found in previous years- I think Taichung really has a world class artistic community at work here and the amount of investment that has been going into developing Taichung as a cultural hub for Taiwan is really paying off.

After that we scooted to Verena’s parent’s house for supper. It was a good feast, with chicken, squid-balls, pork-balls, shellfish and stir-fried cabbage.  It was a great day!

(Edit: the pics below include a couple shots from an earlier trip to a botanical garden in Taichung.)