General job description: my day.

Here is a quick description of what exactly I do at my job. I currently work at my first retail job at a place called ‘Education Station’ in Sherwood Park. I opened up the store today, (not as owner/op unfortunately–as the first worker on scene in the morning). Basically that means setting up the place and making sure it is ready to go, opening doors, turning on signs, putting out signs, etc. Then I did some cleaning. Then I did some placing inventory. After that, I moved around some displays and created a new rack and put some shiny educational mini-workbook thingies on it. Probably robots can’t do THAT stuff. Yet.

The owner arrived and worked with me for the morning and afternoon, I got trained in some customer service skills and started doing some training for locating particular items and gaining knowledge about the items. I continued training on the Quick-books POS program and did some transfers and some special orders for customers who couldn’t find what they were looking for. Overall, it was a pretty OK day, kept busy but not at a killing pace, so I was pretty happy about that. Its an OK job, I like it (but the pay isn’t enough to move into an apartment with my wife and daughter- but it covers food and health insurance costs while I live in the parents basement… (It MIGHT pay for a room in a shared accommodation in a bad part of town, but I really don’t want to live with people I don’t know or near a bunch of crackheads) -In Alberta you best pay for complete health insurance yourself- Alberta health only covers life threatening emergencies, not ongoing chronic med costs. Thanks Ayn Rand and Ralph Klein. You both balanced the books so well… for the oil industry, if not society, your children’s futures or for the mental and physical health of your citizens. But oil guys pay better after you get out of the political facade of ‘listening’ to people, I guess.

Got home, and went for a short walk out behind my parents house with my wife, kid and dogs. (The best thing about part time irregular, I guess!) We did a few quick sled rides down a nearby hill and scooted back home after. My wife, as usual, surpassed herself and created an awesome dinner for us. Sat around after, watched my daughter play and drank some coffee and listened to some music. (the only good thing about paying for digital cable is the music channels without ads, and that don’t freeze like Youtube.) Not too bad a day; but then again I wouldn’t choose to live my life in a way I couldn’t manage to enjoy in some way, sometimes.



Photographic Recap of Dec- to beginning of Jan

Went through my wife’s computer the other day, she had put a lot of pics in her computer that were not on mine yet. Probably many people already saw these on her FB, but for my own gratification I will post them here. We have been keeping busy while I hoop-jumped and job-hunted. Mostly dog walking but a few visits with friends and family, too.


At Java Mama with Matt A/B.


1st Haircut with Auntie Margo!


Punk’d out Ariel


River Valley walk with Mark Huculak


Francois the drag queen poodle in cop gear. DISCIPLINE iz zee word? Oui?


Francois and Colby.


Ariel tries on one of Francois’ hats.


Keely’s 21st birthday.


Hangin’ out at the community center.


Mark and his clan cookin up some bannock at the community center.

IMG_0262 IMG_0309 IMG_0098 IMG_0279 IMG_0390


Sledding with Ariel.

Went for a walk out behind the house with my dogs and daughter. We used the boogie-board again. That thing has earned its cost back 1000% now, if you have a baby and live in a winter environment get a sled or a boogie-board if you don’t have a sled handy, and (if they can sit up/support their own head weight) it is gold. So much easier than carrying a 10.5 kg baby for 45 minutes!

Anyways we found a hill. We used the hill well. The dogs are now very tired and so was Ariel afterwards. Good times for the winter environment. It was actually quite warm today, it got up to +8 degrees and was a wonderful clear day. Alberta can be awesome when things go right.

Video here:

Welcome to my Blog.

The goal of this blog is to record my impressions of returning to Canada from being overseas for over a decade, hopefully more positive than negative.

Its good to be back in effect on WordPress. I am going to attempt to be better about blogging at this location.  This basically will be a personal journal/photo posting/ vid linking location this year in relation to living and working now that I have returned to Canada.

Big changes in my life since my last updates on this location. Back 1 year ago I became a dad while living and working in TW. Now I have crossed the ocean back to Canada and brought my family back with me. Currently we are working on rebooting my life and getting my feet back into Canadian society. Not the easiest of tasks, by any account.

I used to use WordPress before I got lazy while working as a textbook editor in Taiwan. I am switching back to here as it is a cleaner interface for me and it is easiest to control the content for me of what I want to see. Future pics from Canada and where ever fate sees fit to guide me will be posted here.

The pics below were taken today while trying out a new use for my boogieboard. It works surprisingly well for pulling my daughter around outside on the snow and ice. She seemed very happy about the whole thing. I am glad I can still use my boogieboard.

003 006007008

We walked around in a woody area behind the Regency Estates area. There is a small playground there and a big field that has some paths that may be plowed every once in a while. Not a bad deal for being nearby my parents home! Worth a look if you live in the area, probably not worth a look if you are a traveler looking for interesting things to do. I will post some of those on this site later as I begin exploring around the Edmonton/ Alberta/ Western Canadian area.