I agree with this guy’s rant.

I made a conscious choice to work abroad because it allows me 2 luxeries I would never get in Canada today: seeing my daughter every day and working less hours but still affording living costs. 

Those option are not available to many people in Canada or the USA. Thus:



I am ranting tonight, here is an agreeable rant from John Steinbeck.

I think I agree. I am spoiled rotten and probably am fully aware of it. At least I avoided the obvious traps and pitfalls of what I saw going on in the leisure industry before I could be compartmentalized and corrupted. I can’t really say that I have avoided that as far as english textbook editing but at least I got out before my soul was destroyed I guess.


I won’t be giving up my google email any time soon yet…

I already knew they were mining it for advertising info and assorted other bullshit. If I was a terrorist I probably would find a better service not owned by what is essentially the info-digging service of corporate america. I knew what I signed up for, and it was fairly clear about what it was in the terms of service and all the ads.


But if you are looking for a deal on Google stock perhaps this is a good yardsale for you. If I had money I would do it. I don’t, unfortunately my life choices have removed me from the market for the next while. Yay me!

Link to my Flikr photostream.

I am switching my photo and video to Flikr, due to its ease of use and the speed of uploading, as well as the fact that it gives far more memory than WordPress for such things. I probably will continue to use wordpress for writeups and links to things that interest me. I am finding that Google + is a very lonely place indeed, despite my loving its layout and sharing settings. Facebook still is too messy and over-doing its attempts to turn me into a monetary unit for their benefit, and most of the people I regularly see on Facebook I honestly never see in reality or interact with in the flesh world.

Here’s the link to my photos: check regularly for updates- this is particularly directed at Ariel fans, probably lots of Ariel pics and vids. Most people I cared to try to let see this link have been directly emailed, this is for anyone I may have inadvertently missed or perhaps didn’t get due to language differences.